Initially, for a resident to qualify for North Oakland Transportation Authority’s transportation services, they had to be registered, at least 60 years old, disabled with a doctor’s note, or a low-income resident. Patrons had to contact NOTA at least three days before the ride and could call NOTA to schedule trips up to one month in advance. The transportation cost was $1 each way in Orion, Oxford and Addison townships and $2 each way for transportation out of these areas. The vehicles travel east to Dequindre Road and west to M-15, south to Square Lake Road and north to Davison Lake Road. The rides for low-income residents were limited to grocery shopping, doctor’s appointments, and work.

On March 17, 2020, the North Oakland Transportation Authority started offering free pick up and delivery services following the COVID-19 pandemic. The motivation behind this move was to maintain the service levels during the pandemic and establish safety measures for employees and the public. Unfortunately this won’t save us from collection companies, but as part of the preventative measures against COVID-19, North Oakland Transportation Authority will not offer transport services to people with flu-like symptoms. If you are sick or have experienced flu-like symptoms in the previous three days, you should stay at home. North Oakland Transportation Authority currently disinfects vehicles on a daily basis, and the North Oakland Transportation Authority driver will provide you with a hand sanitizer before boarding the car. In a move to prevent senior residents and those with health conditions from contracting the coronavirus, North Oakland Transportation Authority is offering to assist residents in getting food as well as other necessities from local Meijer, Kroger, or FISH stores at zero cost.

The Kroger stores at 3097 S Baldwin and 460 N Lapeer roads in Orion Township, and the Meijer store on 900N Lapeer Road, Oxford Township are all offering services allowing clients to order and make their payment online, then pick them up at the store. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, FISH does not allow anyone into their store to get food and instead make a delivery to your vehicle. If you are a senior resident, disabled, or unwell at home, the North Oakland Transportation Authority can help you pick up your delivery and bring it to your home for free. To qualify for the emergency service, you need not be an existing North Oakland Transportation Authority rider. However, you need to be a resident of Orion, Oxford, or Addison townships or Leonard, Lake Orion, or Oxford villages.

It’s essential to note that North Oakland Transportation Authority emergency service applies only to food and necessary supplies, but does not cover alcoholic drinks. It is also vital to keep in mind that North Oakland Transportation Authority drivers will not do any shopping or pay for items on your behalf. All they will be doing is picking up things that have been purchased and gathered through the store’s service.